[Rcpp-devel] RCPP_MODULE for inheritance class

Jianyang Zhao uzhao at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jun 20 01:13:26 CEST 2014

Hello All,

I got a problem when I try module with inheritance class. Basiclly, I can't
compile this part.

using namespace Rcpp;
.constructor<List, List, double, double, int, bool, bool>()
.field("n", &FPCAreg::n)

Here FPCAreg is a inheritance class based on FPCA class, and "n" is defined
in FPCA. No matter I use ".field("n", &FPCAreg::n)" or ".field("n",
&FPCA::n)". When I use ".field("n", &FPCAreg::n)", the error message is "no
matching function for call to blablabla", and for ".field("n", &FPCA::n)",
that's same but different class name. Is there any suggestion?


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