[Rcpp-devel] Cannot access parameters in C++ code in parallel code called from Snow

Henric Zazzi hzazzi at kth.se
Thu Jun 19 22:35:35 CEST 2014

I am developing a parallel R code using the Snow package, but when 
calling C++ code using the Rcpp package the program just hangs and is 

as an example... I have the following code in R that is using snow to 
split into certain number of processes

|     MyRFunction<-function(i)  {
     if  (mpi)  {
       clusterExport(cl,  list("set.user.Random.seed"))   
       clusterEvalQ(cl,  {library(Rcpp);  NULL})
       out<-  parallel::mclapply(1:mc.cores,MyRFunction)|

Whereas my C++ function looks like...

|     RcppExport SEXP CppFunction(SEXP n)  {
       int n=as<int>(n);

If I run it with mpi=false and mc.cores=[some number of threads] the 
program runs beautifully BUT if i run it with mpi=true, therefore using 
snow, the program just hangs at int=as<int>(n) ????? On the other hand 
if I define the C++ function as...

|     RcppExport SEXP CppFunction(SEXP n)  {
       CharacterVector nn(n);
       int n=boost::lexical_cast<int>(nn[0]);

The program runs perfectly on each mpi thread?? The problem is that it 
works for integers doubles etc, but not matrices Also, I must use 
lexical_cast from the boost package to make it works since as<> does not.

Does anybody know why this is, and what I am missing here, so I can load 
my matrices as well?

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