[Rcpp-devel] type information about elements in Rcpp::List

Chaomei Lo chaomeilo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 21:40:20 CEST 2014

I have a R list something like this -

op=list(a=200, b="test", c=4.5)
when I pass it as an argument to Rcp Export function which the code looks
like this in below.

int n = xlist.length();
for (int I=0; I < n; I++) {
  SEXP s = xlist[I];
  if (Rf_isInteger(s)) {
  //do something
  else if (Rf_isNumerc(s)) {
  //do other thing
  else if (Rf_isString(s)) {
  //do other thing

However, both a and c go to the Rf_isNumeric if statement; but the first
one is an integer, not sure why it did not go to into the Rf_isInteger if

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