[Rcpp-devel] GSOC ideas

Tim Keitt tkeitt at utexas.edu
Sat Jan 18 19:24:08 CET 2014

Is there a list of GSOC ideas for Rcpp? I assume you all participate.

As far as I can tell (correct me if I am wrong), Rcpp does not support as
arguments or return types:
int/double* buffers
char** buffers (vector of null-terminated strings)

If these types of arguments could be handled natively, I would not have to
write wrappers by hand, which is easy but time consuming for large

The first thing might be to add an "enum_<enumType>" template to Rcpp a la

It would be nice to extend the attributed mechanism to allow wrapping given
a prototype, for example:

// [[Rcpp::wrap]]
const char* theFunc(double n);

This would not emit a prototype for theFunc, the assumption being it is
defined in a header.


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