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Tetyana Kosyakova kosyachina at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 17 18:09:58 CET 2014

Dear Rcpp-devel team,

I would like to post the following Message:

Problem with Rcpp on 64 bit machine (windows 7)

Dear Rcpp-devel Team/Rcpp Users,

maybe you can give me a tip for how to make Rcpp work on a 64 bit machine (with windows7 on it). 
i have absolutely no problem with running Rccp on my old 32 bit laptop (xp), where i just had to install the new version or R, Rtools, and specifying Rtools in a path. 
But doing the same does not work on 64 bit machine. All the tips which i have found in the internet just do not work.. 
please ask me if you need more details. 

thank you in advance! 
Best wishes,

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