[Rcpp-devel] Thoughts on "wrapping" attributes

JJ Allaire jj.allaire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 13:17:08 CET 2014

There is one way currently to get type definitions into RcppExports.cpp --
simply add a header file with the same name as your package to
inst/include. For example, if your package is named "foobar" then you place
the type definitions in:


This file will be automatically included in RcppExports.cpp. It will also
be automatically included when another user does an Rcpp::depends on your
package (for sourceCpp or compileAttributes) so they get the benefit of the
type definitions as well).


On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Tim Keitt <tkeitt at utexas.edu> wrote:

> I am wondering if anyone has considered the following:
> // [[Rcpp::include(header.h, extC-bool, namesp-optional)]]
> to include header.h in RcppExports.cpp (optionally wrapping it with extern
> "C" and putting it in a namespace)
> and
> // [[Rcpp::wrap(myType myFunc(const myType& x))]]
> which would do exactly what Rcpp::export does (generates a .Call-able
> symbol + R function, but omits the prototype for myFunc in
> RcppExports.cpp). That would allow the function and type definitions to
> appear in header.h.
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