[Rcpp-devel] Pb compilation windows 64 : minGW32 is selected

Jerome MARQUET jerome.marquet at lixoft.net
Fri Feb 28 15:06:04 CET 2014


I developed a Rcpp module which compiles and works fine on linux and 
win32 but fails to compile on win64.

This module makes a "call lib" to a dll compiled with visual and the "R 
CMD INSTALL" fails during the link process with a message

    "skipping incompatible NameOFMyLibraryCompiledWithVisual [...]
    cannot find -lNameOFMyLibraryCompiledWithVisual"

After a quick goolgle seach I discovered that it was due to the fact 
that my Rcpp module was compiled in 32 bits mode and Visual built a 64 
bits library.

This is confirmed by the traces I get on my DOS windows when I launch a 

    g++ -m32 -share etc ... etc ...

I do not understand why the R command calls the win32 (flag -m32) 
version of minGW. I set my path to


as required I think ? So I do not understand why the (-m32) flag is set. 
I hope someone in the mailing list already had the problem and can 
answer me ?

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