[Rcpp-devel] Wrapper generation, keep source untouched

Gábor Csárdi csardi.gabor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 16:57:54 CET 2014

Hi All, I knew I wouldn't be able avoid Rcpp forever. :)

I am about create R wrappers to a C++ library, old style, not templating.
Rcpp attributes, and custom as<> and wrap() seem to be the way to go, and
they are indeed very appealing. (If only they would have existed when I
started with igraph!)

My question is, is there a way you keep the original sources of the wrapped
library intact? I would be updating the sources regularly, and I figured
the best would be not to touch them at all.

According to the docs, compileAttributes does not support this. Do you have
anything against implementing this in Rcpp? If not, and you can help me
coming up with some syntax that you like, I can code it up.

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