[Rcpp-devel] RcppOctave on Windows: testing needed

Renaud Gaujoux renaud at mancala.cbio.uct.ac.za
Fri Oct 4 21:08:08 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I finally got RcppOctave to work on Windows!
See these threads for details on what it took:

I would love to have feedbacks -- and log output :) -- on
install/build/check run on other Windows machines. So feel free to try and
complain if things go wrong.

The source is available from github on branch develop:

Corresponding built source and binary packages are also available from my
CRAN-like repo:
install.packages('RcppOctave', repos = c(getOption('repos'), '

  * building: Octave bin/ sub-directory must be in Windows PATH + the usual
Rtools stuff. Probably better not to have spaces in R and Rtools paths;
  * installing: never actually tried... but Octave bin/ sub-directory must
be in the path, I imagine that Octave library directory (where liboctave,
liboctinterp and libcruft live) must also be somehow registered or in
Windows PATH.

Note that I developed/tested the windows version using the mingw port (
not sure if this is important, probably it is, maybe someone knows ;)

I will also test on my side, but the more the merrier!

Thank you.


PS: people interested in keeping up with RcppOctave might consider
subscribing the -- currently pristine -- mailing list
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