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Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu May 16 02:14:50 CEST 2013

Hi Nick,

On 15 May 2013 at 16:21, Nick Austin wrote:
| My apologies - I have tried searching Google and the CRAN repository for this
| information and somehow have come up short.  
| Where can I find the official documentation on objects/functions made available

"Code is law."  So one way is to look at the header files.  (Tedious, I know.)

Another is to use the Doxygen-generated class browser from my website, see


While not ideal, it is at leats searchable.

| inside the Rcpp namespace? I'm basically looking for a version of the R
| documentation http://cran.rstudio.com/web/packages/Rcpp/Rcpp.pdf - except
| instead of detailing the R methods, I'd like to see the details of the C++
| methods and objects (e.g. NumericVector, NumericMatrix, wrap, as, etc.).

We're sorry. We don't have the resources to provide industrial-strength
documentation.  And with a choice between 'new features' and 'more docs',
code often wins.
| I'd really like to begin using Rcpp but without a reference for the C++ side I
| am having a hard time getting going.

Some things to look at:

   -- the unitTests directory with its 700+ tests

   -- other packages

Romain has a plan for a fancier API browser as he is less of a fan of Doxygen
than I am, but no ETA for that either.

Worst case, just ask here for help.


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