[Rcpp-devel] Working with arma::cube

Silkworth,David J. SILKWODJ at airproducts.com
Wed Mar 6 01:50:28 CET 2013

I am helping a student build some R code in Rcpp for his first time.  He is working with 3-dimensional arrays, so I am hopeful to be working with arma::cube objects.

When I simply try to bring the array in as an argument I can't seem to use the same as<[TEMPLATE]> construction as other objects.

arma::cube X=Rcpp::as<arma::cube>(arg1);

This line fails to compile.

I can build this cube from an input vector using explicit nested loops.  I also notice that wrap() does a fine job of returning the array back to R.

Is there anything else I need to know to more simply bring the array in as an SEXP and land it in the arma::cube.

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