[Rcpp-devel] R-2.15 installation interfering with R-3.0

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Jun 25 18:27:44 CEST 2013

On 21 June 2013 at 13:49, Pratibha Rana wrote:
| I looked at all the build steps and didn't find anything suspicious. The 
| makefile has a lot of extra stuff but this is what essentially builds my 
| app. I must mention that the crash occurs only if I'm building on R-3.0 
| . All works well if I build with R-2.15

Maybe you forgot to rebuild RInside with R 3.0.{0,1} ?  We can't tell.
| gcc -shared-libgcc -Wl,-E -Wl,-dn -Wl,--hash-size=100000 -Wl,--stats 
| -Wl,--demangle -Wl,-Map,udx-R.map   udx-RID.o 
| /scratch_a/release/vbuild/Linux64/UDxFence/udx-R.o 
| /scratch_a/release/vbuild/Linux64/UDxFence/RInterface.o -Wl,-dn 
| -lprotobuf-lite -Wl,-dy 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/lib -lR 
| -Wl,-rpath,/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/lib 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/lib -lRblas 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/lib -lRlapack 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/library/Rcpp/lib 
| -lRcpp 
| -Wl,-rpath,/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/library/Rcpp/lib 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/library/RInside/lib 
| -lRInside 
| -Wl,-rpath,/scratch_a/release/vbuild/third-party/install/lib64/R/library/RInside/lib 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/Linux64/pgbuild/src/port 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/udx/../third-party/install/spread/lib 
| -L/scratch_a/release/vbuild/udx/../third-party/install/lib -lpgport_srv 
| -lz -lbz2 -Wl,-dy -lncurses -Wl,-dn -lcurl -lcrypt -lnsl -lxerces-c 
| -lnetsnmp -lsicui18n -lsicuuc -lsicudata -lutil -lldap_r -lgssapi_krb5 
| -lkrb5 -lkrb5support -lk5crypto -lpcre -lresolv -llber -lssl -lcrypto 
| -lcom_err -lspread -llzo2 -lboost_serialization-gcc-mt 
| -lboost_thread-gcc-mt -lprotobuf-lite -ljson -lm -lstdc++ -Wl,-dy -lrt 
| -lc -ldl -lpthread   -o udx-R

You may want to start thinking about reducing the complexity of this build a
little in order to focus on where your problem arises.  We do ship you an
"existence proof" of a working example.  Build from there.


Dirk Eddelbuettel | edd at debian.org | http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com

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