[Rcpp-devel] #ifdef'd out // [[Rcpp::export]]

Greg Minshall minshall at umich.edu
Sun Feb 24 21:01:05 CET 2013


thanks for being tolerant of newbie confusion.

i *am* looking at some other issue, though as it's in template-land, and
i've lived a temperate template-free life heretofore, i may have to
declare defeat.  stay tuned.

>| 2.  alternatively, could you parse the output of "g++ -E" (rather
>| than the raw source file)?  (one downside being the code expanding
>| from 20 lines to 60 KLOC! ;-)

> Well didn't JJ already tell you that he is not attempting to rewrite a
> C++ parser (or even processor) in a few hundred lines of R?

yeah, that's why i thought, maybe parsing the pre-processor output,
rather than the pre-processor input, wouldn't take more lines of code
(but, *would* take more CPU cycles -- maybe too many more? -- given the
code expansion after all the #include files have been, well,

cheers, Greg

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