[Rcpp-devel] Mersenne Twister in RcppArmadillo?

Simon Zehnder szehnder at uni-bonn.de
Sat Feb 9 15:24:31 CET 2013

Dear Rcpp-Devels,

I am right now working on a simulation where I use the 'randn()' function of Armadillo. I know, that the seed can be controlled via std::srand(). What I would like to know is: What kind of Generator is used by Armadillo? Can I in some way use the std::mt19937 or std::mt19937_64 random generator from the C++ random header? Actually this object is an instantiation of the mersenne_twister_engine, which is then for instance passed to the C++ 'shuffle()' function from the algorithm header. How to make Armadillo aware of the mersenne_twister_engine is something I haven't understood yet. 

Has anyone experience with this? 



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