[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp and boost on Windows 7

André de Boer rnieuws at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:09:56 CET 2013


I want to use Rcpp with boost, the boost headers are installed in
'C:\libraries\boost_1_49_0'. How to set the -I flag?

> sourceCpp("testBoost.cpp")

g++ -m64 -I"C:/R/R-215~1.2/include" -DNDEBUG
-I"d:/RCompile/CRANpkg/extralibs64/local/include"     -O2 -Wall
-mtune=core2 -c testBoost.cpp -o testBoost.o testBoost.cpp:2:29: fatal
error: boost\foreach.hpp: No such file or directory compilation
terminated. make: *** [testBoost.o] Error 1 Error in
sourceCpp("testBoost.cpp") :
  Error 1 occurred building shared library.


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