[Rcpp-devel] Playing around with Rtools and gcc 4.8.1

Thell Fowler tbfowler4 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 18:26:01 CET 2013

Hi all,

The other day I played around with using gcc 4.8.1 via mingw-builds,
explicitly x32-4.8.1-win32-sjlj-rev5 & x32-4.8.1-posix-sjlj-rev5 and
successfully built and installed Rcpp and it's dependencies with R-3.0.2
shell and with RStudio 0.98.484.

After the install of rcpp I was able to then Rcpp::sourceCpp a bunch of
files, but after something about error propagation a throw test was in
order... and it failed miserably.  Causing R to terminate and RStudio as

Now, in order to have Rcpp build with this setup a ' -D WIN32 ` needed to
be set so Rcpp api file would build, which makes me think that something
with the execinfo.h and its' includes may be involved...   But I also
recall a thread on this list from not to long ago talking about error prop
on windows and something being mentioned about needing the cygwin dwarf
.dll or something like that; but I can't find that thread or any hints as
to where the conversations took place.

Does anyone happen to recall that would be willing to point it out?  Or, if
not and someone can shed any light on possible directions to investigate...

Thanks, sincerely,
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