[Rcpp-devel] linking fail when building examples of my local copy of Rcpp gallery (windows)

Robin Girard robin.girard at mines-paristech.fr
Wed Apr 17 23:36:24 CEST 2013

Yes sorry about that, but since my problem is a path setting and requires windows this might not be reproducible. My fault. 

The suggestion of Hadley does not work for me :
I got 
make: execvp: ../_scripts/knit.sh: Permission denied

I suspect this is a problem of relative path but changing this with global path, or that with /c/ ... did not solve that here (and it did solve this problem outside of R see my previous mail).

 However, I wasn't far from writting my own "R makefile"  in src folder :
--- R_Makefile.R
filenames <- list.files(".", pattern="*.cpp", full.names=FALSE)
removeextension<-function(x) return(str_sub(x, start = 1L, end = -5L))
CreateOutputFile<-function(x) return(str_c("../_posts/",removeextension(x),".md"))
lapply(filenames, directknit)

where knit_sh.R is a copy of knit.sh without the end (only the R functions)

this solved my problem (and I agree this wasn't a clean way to solve it) thanks all and sorry about my mess with windows :) and my bad way to handle PATH ... 


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If you want meaningful help you need to supply a _reproducible example_ and
not just error logs.  Those are not really sufficient.


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