[Rcpp-devel] unable to open the base package

Prasanna Kumar Nelam prasannakumar.n at imimobile.com
Wed Oct 3 15:36:40 CEST 2012



I am trying to build the example codes given in example\standard folder of
RInside package in windows XP. I succeeded in building with make file using
Rtools, but whenever I try to run these getting the fatal error like "unable
to open the base packages". Can anyone suggest me where I have gone wrong.
The settings I have used are


Installed the R-2.15.1 at C:\R-2.15.1

Installed Rcpp(Rcpp_0.9.7.zip) package at C:\R-2.15.1\library\Rcpp

Installed RInside(RInside_0.2.5.zip) package at C:\R-2.15.1\library\RInside

Installed Rtools(Rtools215.exe) at C:\Rtools


Path settings are

c:\Rtools\bin;C:\Rtools\MinGW\bin;C:\R-2.15.1\bin; (as mentioned in Rtools).


Thanks and Regds,


Prasanna Kumar.N,

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