[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp advocacy question -- build environment

Christian Gunning xian at unm.edu
Tue Nov 27 08:24:02 CET 2012

Advice for introducing students to Rcpp:

I'm TAing for a statistical programming class next semester, and I'm
talking to the instructor about including Rcpp examples -- sourceCpp()
makes this very easy to sell!

The question is build environment for folks with windows machines.
Personally, I think it's a worthwhile experience installing linux in a
VM and gaining the experience of working with a *nix machine (as I've
said before here).  Boot-from-usb is a similar option I've seen
successfully used for quick-and-easy Rinside build environment.
Personally, I'm confident in troubleshooting any problems that might
arise in these environments.

I have little experience with Rtools and I stopped following windows
years ago, so I'm a little worried about helping other folks with
build issues here.  Is it worth the trouble to push for a *nix build
environment, or is configuring R + Rcpp + Windows X now smooth enough
that I should relax and not worry?


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