[Rcpp-devel] Help compiling qtdensity example on windows

Theodore Lytras thlytras at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:29:04 CET 2012

Στις Δευ 26 Νοε 2012, ο/η Dirk Eddelbuettel έγραψε:
> I had this working years ago at a prior workplace (and would not have
> published / pushed it otherwise).
> I think I did it the other way around: rebuild Qt with the mingw from
> Rtools. Not entirely sure.

Then I will try that (after uninstalling everything Qt-related), and post the 

Might I conceivably need to compile R for windows from source? 
That would be dreadful, but I would do it if necessary. 
Do you recall anything like that??

> Or you could
> forget it and switch to Rserve and tcp/ip connections to avoid the linker
> issue.

Oh bummer, that would really not be an option for me....



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