[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp 0.10

JJ Allaire jj.allaire at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 04:10:37 CET 2012

> All to say, it is unclear to me whether the intended use of
> compileAttributes() is solely to help package writers allow package users
> to more easily access the c++ functions at the R layer or additionally to
> also streamline how package developers source c++ files within their own
> package development process under Rcpp.

It is indeed intended to streamline how package developers work. With
compileAttributes you only need to create cpp files that contain function
definitions marked with Rcpp::export attributes (you don't need to write
any explicit code in .h or .R files, this code is generated by

If you pull the latest Rpp from R-forge  you'll find:

(a) An expanded vignette which goes into more details about the whole
mechanism (especially as it relates to packages).

(b) An updated version of Rcpp.package.skeleton which you can optionally
pass a parameter of attributes = TRUE to see what hello, world using
attributes looks like.
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