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Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 23:19:18 CET 2012

> > I mean, the .h and *.R files generated with Rcpp.package.skeleton seem to
> > have a simple structure that I find easy to replicate and modify as I keep
> > adding stuff to my *.cpp file.  (For instance, the placement of RccpExport
> > before functions intended to be exported, the usage of SEXP,
> > etc). However, I do not clearly see how to go around the files generated
> > by compileAttributes and how to mix that with .R and *.h files previously
> > generated with Rcpp.package.skeleton. Any hints that can be provided here?
> >

> The files generated by compileAttributes provide the bindings to R for the
> exported functions. They are designed to sit alongside your other source
> files and you don't ever modify these files directly (they are regenerated
> as necessary by compileAttributes).

> The core notion is that by placing the Rcpp::export attribute before a
> function you've done everything you need to do and we'll take care of the
> rest. This entails:

> (1) Generating an Rcpp module declaration that includes all exported
> functions; and
> (2) Calling loadModule with the right list of functions in the
> RcppExports.R file

> The optional <PackageName.h> file is a bit more complicated because it
> interacts with R_GetCCallable. It too is generated so not something you
> hand maintain. We are working on a mechanism to mix generated and user code
> in inst/include and hope to have that ready for the next release.

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it was the mixing of generated and user
files that was most troubling to me. But then, I realize, however, that
for most cases I can think of I would not need to mix things, given how
simple the compileAttributes makes the complete process. Neat!



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