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Danie Fourie bobfourie at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 18:08:49 CET 2012


I am busy writing an dll using RInside (thanx so much for it, it really makes things easier). It worked fine until I started using RInside 0.2.9, so I switch back to 0.2.8 which is currently working. I'm using windows and R 2.15.2, I know that you don't really support windows, but there is no alternative for me to use unfortunately. The examples also compile using Makefile.win but I get an "unable to open base package" msg when I run them, which to me means that the R_HOME must be wrong. But I did look at the "checkR" in the makefile and it showed the correct path "R is at C:/Rcurrent". I have been compiling with source to make sure that the R path are correct

Thanks, any ideas will be helpful
Daniel Fourie
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