[Rcpp-devel] RFH: RInside release candidate

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Nov 3 16:23:08 CET 2012

We did a bit of work on RInside over the last few weeks and some useful
things changed -- but we could do with some pre-release checks.  

New / improved are:

 -- robustness / recovery: the 'eval' functions were by default existing the
    app if an error occurred [ if interactive mode is off], this can now be
    address a number of ways [ by flipping interactive mode, and by calling
    variants of the eval functions, see two new examples ] -- all this is
    thanks to the initial help by Theodore Lytras. But I fear the docs and
    new examples are underwhelming.  Would anybody like to poke some more?

 -- better autodetection of R_HOME on Windows, with a possible fallback,
    though I am not sure that really works yet -- the limited testing I was
    able to do at work did reveal issues, but also didn't seem perfect as I
    still set the R_HOME env var. Help here would be appreciated.

 -- and more cmake support for examples again contributed by Peter.

The full NEWS entry is below.  R-Forge seems broken / stuck as it should have
caught up to rev267 and variant (as a rc for 0.2.9) but hasn't. So I
put this at 


for anybody to fetch.  I would like to release by Monday, or later if need
be, but some more testing and/or feedback on documentation would be



News for Package 'RInside'

Changes in RInside version 0.2.9 (2012-11-xx):

        • Added note to examples/standard/Makefile.win that R_HOME may
          need to be set to run the executables - so either export your
          local value, or re-install RInside from source to have it
          reflected in the library build of libRinside

        • On Windows, have RInside use R's get_R_HOME() function to get
          R_HOME value from registry if not set by user

        • Applied (modified) patch by Theodore Lytras which lets
          RInside recover from some parsing errors and makes RInside
          applications more tolerant of errors

        • Added non-throwing variants of parseEval() and parseEvalQ()

        • Modified Qt and Wt examples of density estimation
          applications to be much more resilient to bad user input

        • Updated CMake build support for standard, armadillo and eigen

        • Improved CMake builds of examples/standard, examples/eigen
          and examples/armadillo by detecting architecture

Dirk Eddelbuettel | edd at debian.org | http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com  

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