[Rcpp-devel] Problem installing even default Rcpp skeleton package

Nick Matzke matzke at berkeley.edu
Thu May 10 01:31:26 CEST 2012

On 5/9/12 4:06 PM, Nick Matzke wrote:

>> Where is "Loading ~/.Rprofile" coming from?
>> I just added something the Rcpp-FAQ today (following
>> off-list discussion with
>> another user). You just can't have verbose stuff in
>> ~/.Rprofile as we call
>> Rscript all the time to evaluate Rcpp::LdFlags() etc -- if
>> there is stdout it
>> ruins everything.
>> Please comment out that line, or protect it at least via
>> if (interactive()) { ... }
>> Dirk
> Wow! That's all it took to fix it -- encompassing everything
> in .Rprofile within if (interactive()) {...}
> Thanks!!!!
> Nick

Hi again,

So, next issue.  My default "RcppSkeleton" package now 
installs fine and library(RcppSkeleton) works fine.

However, when I run the one function in the package, 
rcpp_hello_world(), I get this problem:

 > rcpp_hello_world()

Error in .Call("rcpp_hello_world", PACKAGE = 
"hello_world_Rcpp") :
   C symbol name "rcpp_hello_world" not in DLL for package 

Any suggestions?  I looked at the PDF FAQ on CRAN here:


...but no luck.

Thanks again, I know everyone is busy!


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