[Rcpp-devel] [ANN] Rcpp 0.9.10

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Feb 17 15:32:17 CET 2012

Rcpp 0.9.10 is now on CRAN; below is the short blog post.  This is mostly a
bug fix and code reorganization release with just a few new features.  Thanks
to everybody who helped with this, in particular Doug and Romain for some code

   Rcpp 0.9.10                                                                         
   A new release 0.9.10 of Rcpp is now on CRAN and in Debian. This is mostly internal  
   release with a little bit of code reorgination (some of which will be used by a     
   forthcoming RcppArmadillo release), some changes to make R CMD check happy, and one 
   or two new features.                                                                
   The complete NEWS entry for 0.9.10 is below; more details are in the ChangeLog file 
   in the package and on the Rcpp Changelog page.                                      
    0.9.10  2012-02-16                                                                 
        o   Rearrange headers so that Rcpp::Rcout can be used by RcppArmadillo et al   
        o   New Rcpp sugar function mapply (for limited to two or three input vectors) 
        o   Added custom version of the Rcpp sugar diff function for numeric vectors   
            skipping unncesserry checks for NA                                         
        o   Some internal code changes to reflect changes and stricter requirements    
            in R CMD check in the current R-devel versions                             
        o   Corrected fixed-value initialization for IntegerVector (with thanks to     
            Gregor Kastner for spotting this)                                          
        o   New Rcpp-FAQ entry on simple way to a set compiler option for cxxfunction  
   Thanks to CRANberries, you can also look at a diff to the previous release 0.9.9.   
   As always, even fuller details are on the Rcpp Changelog page and the Rcpp page     
   which also leads to the downloads, the browseable doxygen docs and zip files of     
   doxygen output for the standard formats. A local directory has source and           
   documentation too. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list 
   off the R-Forge page                                                                


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