[Rcpp-devel] rcpp as a compiler to create stand-alone applications

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Tue Feb 7 01:32:40 CET 2012

>>> Can we use rcpp to convert an R program into a C++ program and
>>> hence create a stand-alone executable – that does not need R to
>>> be installed?

>> I think what you want is closer to Rinside than to
>> Rcpp, per se.
> While that is true, it does not take away from the fact RInside also
> needs a full R installation with all that entails.
> You cannot do R and C++ without the R.
> But one can of course rewrite all of R again in C++ if the open
> source license is too much of a burden.

Dirk, do you mean that even if a technical solution was found the
license would forbid using it? I can see how the GPL virus might require
my own source code to be made available to my customer in this case. But
if that was not an issue, then it can be done?

As David Silkworth touched on, there is a difference in ease-of-sell of
a project proposal that has a dependency on other software:
  * System administrator has to do something;
  * Security issues: 1000s of files to monitor, not just one;
  * Versioning issues makes it more fragile.

You can form a good counter-argument for each point. The problem is that
you *have to* form that counter-argument :-).


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