[Rcpp-devel] package build error on r-forge linking to RcppArmadillo

alexios ghalanos alexios at 4dscape.com
Thu Dec 6 05:45:47 CET 2012


My rugarch package on r-forge which links to Rcpp/RcppArmadillo has in 
the last 2 check cycles failed with the following errors:

Thu Dec  6 00:15:29 2012: Building tarball for package rugarch (SVN 
revision 502)
using R version 2.15.2 Patched (2012-12-04 r61215) ...

installing to /tmp/RtmppcKcfx/Rinst3a3130428148/rugarch/libs
** R
** data
** inst
** preparing package for lazy loading
Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) :
   unable to load shared object 
undefined symbol: _ZN4Rcpp8internal14r_vector_startILi14EdEEPT0_P7SEXPREC
Error : package ‘RcppArmadillo’ could not be loaded
ERROR: lazy loading failed for package ‘rugarch’
* removing ‘/tmp/RtmppcKcfx/Rinst3a3130428148/rugarch’

More details here:

I've been unable to replicate the problem locally on either windows or 
Ubuntu x64 machines with R version 2.15.2 Patched (2012-12-04 r61215), 
and the latest Rcpp/RcppArmadillo versions from r-forge. I've not made
any changes to the source code either.
gcc/g++ are 4.6.3 20111208 (from latest R-tools for the windows machine).

Any ideas/help much appreciated.

Thanks for your time (and the excellent Rcpp* packages).


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