[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp.package.skeleton(module=TRUE) fails to load

Florian Oswald florian.oswald at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 13:45:41 CEST 2012

I'm at a loss for words. I get this error consistently ONLY when trying to
install Rcpp.package.skeleton. I tried many times, always removed .o and
so. files. I did not come across this problem with any other package
before, also ones which are using Rcpp. I can install a similarly simple
package that Jelmer Ypma kindly put together for me to try out (attached).
It differs from Rcpp.package.skeleton in that it only defines a single
class that contains all functions. I guess that shouldn't matter, but apart
from that I can find few differences.


On 22 August 2012 20:39, Davor Cubranic <cubranic at stat.ubc.ca> wrote:

> Hi Florian,
> I don't see anything different with your package. I could even install the
> ZIP file you sent me, and saw no errors.
> Do you get this error consistently when you install? Remember to remove
> the .o and .so files inside 'mypack' to start with a clean slate.
> Davor
> On 2012-08-16, at 12:30 AM, Florian Oswald wrote:
> > Davor,
> >
> > thanks. the package is attached.
> > Florian
> >
> > On 16 August 2012 01:49, Davor Cubranic <cubranic at stat.ubc.ca> wrote:
> >> That's very strange. Try zipping up 'mypack' source directory and email
> it
> >> to me so I can try it here. I'd like to ensure that there are no
> differences
> >> in package contents between us, in which case it must be the build
> >> environment or libraries.
> >>
> >> Davor
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