[Rcpp-devel] Save lm, glm, polr class objects

David Ibarra Gómez dibarra at aqualogy.net
Wed Apr 25 09:12:21 CEST 2012


                I'm a happy user of RInside: thanks for creating such a useful tools!

I use RInside with C++ on a Debian machine sending data to R using Rinside, doing some stats and geting back results. Here http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/code/rcpp.html I see: "R data types (SEXP) are matched to C++ objects in a class hierarchy. All R types are supported (vectors, functions, environment, etc ...) and each type is mapped to a dedicated class. For example, numeric vectors are represented as instances of the Rcpp::NumericVector class, environments are represented as instances of Rcpp::Environment, functions are represented as Rcpp::Function, etc ..."

I would like to improve the things that I actually do with RInside. Specifically I would like after fitting a lm.fit (or glm.fit, polr.fit, ...) get this class to C++ from R, to be able to serialize it, save it in a database and being able to use it other day.

In short, is it possible to? get a lm.fit from R to C++ using RInside and put this object back to R. Also some way to save it (serialize or something, I'm also using protobuf).


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