[Rcpp-devel] deprecated functionality in Armadillo 2.3.x / 2.4.x and onwards

c s conradsand.arma at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 04:27:07 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

A beta release (2.3.91) of the updated version of Armadillo is available:

The following functionality is deprecated in the 2.x series and will
be removed in a future major version (ie. 3.x series):

Support for tying writeable auxiliary (external) memory to _fixed
size_ matrices is deprecated. Instead, you can use standard matrices
with writeable auxiliary memory, or initialise fixed size matrices by
copying the memory.  Using auxiliary memory with standard matrices is

The .n_elem_slice member variable of the Cube class is deprecated. You
can get equivalent information by multiplying .n_rows with .n_cols.

Member functions .print_trans() and .raw_print_trans() are deprecated.
Instead, you can chain .t() and .print() to achieve a similar result:

The .t() and .st() member functions have been added in version 2.3.91.
They are shorter and more flexibile forms of transposes:


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