[Rcpp-devel] [ANN] Rcpp 0.9.1

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Feb 14 19:45:56 CET 2011

The new Rcpp 0.9.1 release is now on CRAN.  The NEWS entry is below; more
details are in the ChangeLog.  But in short, this is a mostly 'internal
fixes' release which addresses some issues in memory management which, while
not tripping up our (short ?) unit tests or common usage, caused trouble for
advanced Rcpp modules use and repeated memory allocation / deallocation.
Rcpp should now be a tad more robust in general.

The memory bug bit Doug Bates repeatedly, and he put his head down and
debugged the issue. A number of changes in Rcpp (as well as in R-devel)
later, this looks much better and we owe a hearfelt Thank You!

A big Thanks! also goes to Luke Tierney who out some new memory debugging
code into R-devel which the --enable-strict-barrier in R 2.13.0 (due in
April) will enable.  I am a little unclear at this point which of these
changes from R-devel will make it into R 2.12.2 due in eleven days (and I
think the envir.c fix is in but the debugging code is not) but maybe Doug
will clarify.

Cheers, Dirk

0.9.1   2011-02-14

    o   A number of internal changes to the memory allocation / protection of
        temporary objects were made---with a heartfelt "Thank You!" to both
        Doug Bates for very persistent debugging of Rcpp modules code, and to
        Luke Tierney who added additional memory allocation debugging tools
        to R-devel (which will be in R 2.13.0 and may also be in R 2.12.2)
    o   Removed another GNU Make-specific variable from src/Makevars in order
        to make the build more portable; this was noticed on FreeBSD

    o   On *BSD, do not try to compute a stack trace but provide file and
        line number (which is the same behaviour as implemented in Windows)

    o   Fixed an int conversion bug reported by Daniel Sabanes Bove on r-devel,
        added unit test as well
    o   Added unit tests for complex-typed vectors (thanks to Christian Gunning)
    o   Expanded the Rcpp-quickref vignette (with thanks to Christian Gunning)

    o   Additional examples were added to the Rcpp-FAQ vignette

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