[Rcpp-devel] module can't expose std::map as a field?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Dec 21 04:40:12 CET 2011

On 20 December 2011 at 21:08, Yasir Suhail wrote:
| Hi
| I understand that it didn't talk about modules and exposing fields, but I
| thought that support for maps might have been extended. Looking deeper, I guess
| the point is that Rcpp::as doesn't support maps yet.

Good observation.  But as<>() is used to receive parameter from R (via a
SEXP), and there is nothing in R (or more precisely, no SEXP) that
corresponds to a map! (Yes, there are Environments, and there are Lists, and
we deal with both.)


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