[Rcpp-devel] CppBugs vs WinBugs

Watson, Samuel S.I.Watson at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Dec 19 13:30:11 CET 2011

I am currently using CppBugs with Rcpp through R. I am very interested
to use CppBugs as I am finding WinBugs to be prohibitively slow, I use
large amounts of data in large multilevel models, so when I found
cppbugs I was excited. It says on the Github page for cppbugs that I can
achieve speeds of 20-100x faster than winbugs.

I have been testing some examples: for the linear model example that is
provided at Github, the time difference is about 2x

I also tested the Radon model with Rcpp and Andrew Gelmans data and for
10000 iterations and 10000 burnin with a thinning parameter of 5 the
difference is only 16 seconds vs 13 seconds.


I can run multiple chains in parallel through R with the 'snow' package,
cxxfunction() and package.skeleton() and this does seem to provide a
little bit of a boost (parallel winbugs vs parallel cppbugs). But
nothing greater than 4x.


Is it possible to achieve the kind of difference mentioned on Whit
Armstrong's page for cppbugs with R?


I am happy to post all the code if required.


Many thanks

Sam Watson

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