[Rcpp-devel] convert std::string to Rcpp::RawVector

Koert Kuipers Koert.Kuipers at diamondnotch.com
Thu Oct 7 22:04:06 CEST 2010

Hello all,
I need to convert a std::string to a RAWSXP. I think i know hot do to this
without Rcpp. It goes something like this (i haven't tested this):

SEXP stringToRaw(std::string x) {
  SEXP y;
  PROTECT(y = allocVector(RAWSXP, x.length()));
  memcpy(RAW(y), x.data(), x.length());
  return y;

How do i do this with Rcpp? Say i want to return a Rcpp::RawVector?

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