[Rcpp-devel] exposing std::vector<double> with Rcpp modules

Romain Francois romain at r-enthusiasts.com
Sat May 29 08:44:24 CEST 2010


Yesterday I've tried to expose std::vector<double> to R with Rcpp 
modules, and this led to some changes in the code.

One problem was that sometimes a class (and we do this in Rcpp 
sometimes) defines a const and a non const version of the same method. 
For example std::vector defines "back" twice :

   reference back ( );
   const_reference back ( ) const;

and so using .method( "back", &vec::back ) did not work because the 
compiler was confused about which one to use.

I have resolved this by introducing const_method and nonconst_method 
that work the same as method but will only expose the const version 
(const_method) or the non const version (for nonconst_method).

I've updated the vignette to include documentation about this and an 
example on how to expose std::vector<double>. 

typedef std::vector<double> vec ;

void vec_assign( vec* obj, Rcpp::NumericVector data ){
	obj->assign( data.begin(), data.end() ) ;

void vec_insert( vec* obj, int position, Rcpp::NumericVector data){
	vec::iterator it = obj->begin() + position ;
	obj->insert( it, data.begin(), data.end() ) ;

Rcpp::NumericVector vec_asR( vec* obj){
	return Rcpp::wrap( *obj ) ;

	using namespace Rcpp ;
	class_<vec>( "vec")
	 	.method( "size", &vec::size)
  		.method( "max_size", &vec::max_size)
  		.method( "resize", &vec::resize)
  		.method( "capacity", &vec::capacity)
  		.method( "empty", &vec::empty)
  		.method( "reserve", &vec::reserve)
  		.method( "push_back", &vec::push_back )
  		.method( "pop_back", &vec::pop_back )
  		.method( "clear", &vec::clear )
  		.const_method( "back", &vec::back )
		.const_method( "front", &vec::front )
		.const_method( "at", &vec::at )
		.method( "assign", &vec_assign )
		.method( "insert", &vec_insert )
		.method( "as.vector", &vec_asR )


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