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Romain Francois romain.francois at dbmail.com
Thu May 27 21:34:54 CEST 2010

Le 27/05/10 17:24, Vinh Nguyen a écrit :
> Two questions:
> 1.  The main difference when using RcppArmadillo and Rcpp is the
> header declaration and the return type for the function right?
> extern "C" SEXP fastLm(SEXP ys, SEXP Xs) {}
> RcppArmadillo takes this extern stuff whereas Rcpp takes RcppExport?
> RcppExport SEXP newRcppVectorExample(SEXP vector) {}

RcppExport is a macro that expands to extern "C". so you can use the one 
you prefer, it makes no difference.

Many tutorials online explain what extern "C" means, and also writing R 

> 2.  From the example, if I update the elements of X or Xr, then both
> are updated correct?  Because they are pointing to the same thing.
> Just want to make sure.  I'm dealing with both since Xr is used to
> deal with some R objects, and X is used to do matrix multiplication,
> etc.
> arma::mat X(Xr.begin(), n, k, false);       // reuses memory and
> avoids extra copy
> arma::colvec y(yr.begin(), yr.size(), false);

using this constructor of arma::mat, X only borrows the memory of Xr.

So when you update one, the other is also updated. see the documentation 
of armadillo.

> Thanks.
> Vinh

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