[Rcpp-devel] Code De-bugging

Savitsky, Terrance savitsky at rand.org
Wed Dec 22 22:59:29 CET 2010

My RcppArmadillo code is structured with a .cpp function that calls a
group of enabling .cpp functions.  The .cpp function returns SEXP
arguments and is wrapped in the macros BEGIN_RCPP, END_RCPP to promote
C++ errors to R.  The group of other functions called are structured as
void return (passing by reference).   I successively compiled and
linked, building the .call into an R package.   A runtime error is
announced with the statement, "error in ...", and no details are
provided.  I configured a cxxfunction with inline (using readLines to
pull .cpp code from a file), using includes for the header and enabling
.cpp functions, and receive the same - "error in .." - message after
successful compiling and linking.  


My code does not include any throw statements because there would be
many possible error triggers, which is I believe is the root for lack of
helpful error comments.  Is there any easy way , short of including many
throw statements that anticipate types of errors, to have the GNU g++
compiler to generate error messages?


Thanks, Terrance Savitsky



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