[Rcpp-devel] C++ Throwing Exception.

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Dec 22 13:25:24 CET 2010

On 22 December 2010 at 11:56, Cedric Ginestet wrote:
|     throw("Matrix Index is lower than 0.");
|     How can I modify my code in order to get the reason for the exception
|     printed within R.

By passing a exception class that inherits from std::exception, see a C++
reference and / or the examples:

edd at max:~/svn/rcpp/pkg/Rcpp/inst/examples$ grep throw RcppInline/UncaughtExceptions.r 
        'throw std::range_error("boom"); return R_NilValue ; ', 

Basically, don't just pass a string, pass a string _used as a ctor_ to the
exception you want to throw, e.g.

     throw( std::runtime_error("Matrix Index is lower than 0.") );

Hth, Dirk

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