[Rcpp-devel] Regression in conversion from NumericVector to ComplexVector?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Dec 18 16:55:58 CET 2010


Just to follow up some more:  I just played with a few lines of Armadillo
code and it seems pretty clear.  To create a complex matrix, you need two
standard ones. So no implicit conversions.  

Now, on a strictly personal level: I haven't had a use case for complex
numbers since the last time it came up in graduate school, so I am unlikely
to push this cart very far for you.  

If you need something the code currently doesn't do, please do document the
failure with a working example from, say, Arma and Romain and I will look
into it.   If there is something we already do -- but do NOT test for, please
let us know by submitting patches to the unit tests. 

Cheers, Dirk

#include <armadillo>

int main(void) {

  arma::mat a(3, 3), b(3, 3); 		// two matrices to create cx_mat from
  arma::cx_mat tmpc(a, b);
  arma::mat tmpd(3, 3);
  tmpc = tmpc + tmpd;			// test 1 
  std::cout << tmpc;

  //arma::cx_mat tt(tmpd);		// test 2 -- fails as copy assignment or ctor from single mat
  //std::cout << tt;

  return 0;

edd at max:~$ g++ -Wall -pedantic -o /tmp/xianArma /tmp/xianArma.cpp 
edd at max:~$ /tmp/xianArma 
    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)
    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)
    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)    (+3.000e+00,-1.000e+00)
edd at max:~$ 

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