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Subject: new release, virtual hackathon?
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2010 14:48:54 -0500
From: Ben Bolker <bbolker at gmail.com>
To: phylobase-devl at lists.r-forge.r-project.org

  Hello out there ...

   Two quick questions which may spawn longer answers:

 1. we are being encouraged to push a new release of phylobase to CRAN
to take account of changes in the recommended build process for the Rcpp
package, on which we now depend heavily ... François, Dirk, Romain
François, and I (mostly François) have done a bit of work lately to (1)
upgrade NCL and (2) fix some problems when NCL caught errors in Nexus files.
   a. If you have any QUICK updates/improvements that you've been
thinking about, that you would guess you can do with a high probability
of not breaking anything, it might be a good idea to squeeze them in
within the next few days if possible.
   b. Can you think of any reason not to put out a new minor release?

2. I would like to propose a virtual-mini-hackathon, like the one we did
a few years ago, to patch bugs, clean out crufty old feature requests
(some of which we have actually achieved!), and generally renew
enthusiasm.  Is my enthusiasm shared?  I'm imagining a one-day period
sometime in the second half of December.  If I get a generally positive
response I will initiate a Doodle poll for scheduling ...


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