[Phylobase-devl] data.frame issue

Conrad Stack stack at psu.edu
Thu Aug 5 08:37:16 CEST 2010

I'm having a problem where, when reading in variables and state labels, only
the first N state labels are being used in the resulting data.frame returned
by readNexus().  For example, if this is part of the CHARACTERS block of my
nexus file:
                1 varX /  option1 option2 option3, 2 varY /  option4 option5
option6, 3 varZ / option7 option8;
taxa1 121
taxa2 221
taxa3 000
taxa4 000
taxa5 000
taxa6 111
taxa7 111

readNexus returns this:
taxa1 option2 option3 option2
taxa2 option3 option3 option2
taxa3 option1 option1 option1
taxa4 option1 option1 option1
taxa5 option1 option1 option1
taxa6 option2 option2 option2
taxa7 option2 option2 option2

point being, readNexus doesn't seem to be assigning names to each column
based on each column's states label, but only on the first N state labels,
where N is the number of symbols total.


Conrad Stack
PSU Department of Biology
208 Mueller Lab
University Park, PA 16802
cell: 814.409.8310
email: conrad.stack at gmail.com
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