[Phylobase-devl] CRAN release

Jim Regetz regetz at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Oct 27 01:42:27 CET 2009

Releasing sounds like a great idea to me! I absolute agree about having 
more eyes to uncover issues and such. Also, expanding the pool of folks 
who use and build on phylobase should be a positive force for setting 
development priorities.

FYI, earlier today we discovered a problem with src/*.c files not being 
compiled during the Windows build process. I believe it was caused by an 
overly aggressive Makefile.win (created specifically for the ncl code), 
and have my fingers crossed that the switch to a Makevars.win will do 
the trick. It now builds properly for me on an XP VM with the Windows 
toolset, and I'll check to see how it fares during the next R-forge 
build/check cycle.


Peter Cowan wrote:
> I suggest we do a beta release of phylobase to CRAN.  We seem to have  
> tackled most of the architectural issues and bugs that we wanted to.   
> This and a lack of time has caused development to be notably slower  
> over the last month.
> To the best of my knowledge all planned but unimplmented code, falls  
> into the category of enhancements that would not break code produced  
> w/ the current version.
> I think there would be great value in getting the package out to a  
> wider audience (just this week I was asked how to do things in ape  
> that are trivial w/ phylobase).  More eyes will make bugs and gaps in  
> the documentation more obvious.  Furthermore, package developers will  
> shy away from phylobase until it is available to them on CRAN.
> R-core has also just released 2.10.0 (which should make some mac  
> issues a bit better.)
> Any objections?
> Peter
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