[Phylobase-devl] jump-start?

Ben Bolker bolker at zoology.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 29 14:30:07 CET 2008

  any ideas about how to get phylobase development going again?

  Francois Michonneau has been nibbling around the corners, but
as far as I know no-one else has been doing anything.

  To rehash the burning issues:

 * fix ioNCL stuff so the package builds again on r-forge.
Francois says he thinks this is an issue with building on
64-bit linux.  Anyone have a test box??

 * incorporate Peter's GSoC code (grid-based plot.phylo4d)
into the main trunk, if everyone thinks that's a good idea

 * implement the suggestions we had for changing the naming
conventions (i.e., no automatic node labeling, don't use node
labels for rownames of data frame (hence allowing non-unique
node labels)

  My personal desires at this point are to bang on the
plotting code some more -- in the process of working on
code to back-convert from phylogenies expressed as covariance
matrices to phylogenies expressed as trees, I was able
to create some trees that seemed legal but still crashed
the plotting code.  We should try to make sure that every
legal tree works in every bit of phylobase code ...

  any ideas?  shall we try to have some more skype-meetings?

 (by the way, I am aware that I haven't been doing any
better than anyone else.)


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