[Phylobase-devl] picante 0.3-0 uploaded to CRAN

Steve Kembel skembel at berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 19 03:19:45 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Just uploaded picante 0.3-0 to CRAN. This release has some bugfixes to  
PSV/etc. and evolve.trait, and adds Matt's new functions for  
phylogenetic community-environment regressions and phylogenetic  
bipartite linear models.

The pbglm function has an option to use code from the brglm library,  
this library is included as a 'suggested' package with code in the  
function to check and warn if the library is not loaded.

Nice work all!

I will soon update the tracker on R-Forge soon with the "to do" items  
from the TODO file from the svn repos and delete that file. Let's move  
discussion and tracking of new features to the tracker. If you haven't  
already, you may want to log in to R-Forge and monitor the trackers  
and discussion forums.


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