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Sat Dec 27 23:31:38 CET 2008

Bugs item #274, was opened at 2008-12-23 16:46
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Submitted By: François Michonneau (francois)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: Inconsistant output for node labels 
Component: None
Resolution: None
Severity: None
Version: None
Operating System: None

Initial Comment:
if you only ask for the node labels for an object with no node labels you get a character vector of length 0 if you only ask for the node labels, but get a vector of 'NA' if you ask for 'allnode'. It seems to me that it's not coherent. Any opinions?

> data(geospiza)
> labels(geospiza, "node")
> labels(geospiza, "all")
 [1] "fuliginosa"   "fortis"       "magnirostris" "conirostris"  "scandens"    
 [6] "difficilis"   "pallida"      "parvulus"     "psittacula"   "pauper"      
[11] "Platyspiza"   "fusca"        "Pinaroloxias" "olivacea"     NA            
[16] NA             NA             NA             NA             NA            
[21] NA             NA             NA             NA             NA            
[26] NA             NA            


>Comment By: Ben  Bolker (bbolker)
Date: 2008-12-27 17:31

I don't see why this is a problem.
If you ask for "all" then you obviously have to
have a placeholder for the node labels, right?


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