[Phylobase-devl] further investigation

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Mon Dec 1 13:56:02 CET 2008

Emily Green wrote:
> Hi Ben Thanks so much for trying to help. Mesquite can read that nexus
> file fine. I checked every node and branch length in it in Mesquite on
> Saturday evening and made a couple of changes (I had missed a colon out,
> moved a few brackets), but nothing major. R now reads the tree and gives
> a mean and variance of branch length (but only when I have removed a
> number of the opening brackets). Nevertheless when I try and plot the
> tree or do any kind of analysis it still comes out with the angry
> message about 1.4GB. I can send you the new text/nexus file if you want
> to have a go with that yourself. We wanted to use R because it offers a
> greater range of analyses than Mesquite. Can you suggest any
> alternatives if R doesn't work? Thanks Emily

  Could you send or post the file?
  I'm eager to figure out how to get R to load this file,
because it should be able to load any legal file ...


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