[hyperSpec-help] Hyperspec start

Dr. Holger van Lishaut H.v.Lishaut at gmx.de
Sun Oct 23 00:25:10 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I am a spectrocopist and would like to perform some preprocessing  
assessments on spc spectra. In particular, I'd like to read spc files,  
preprocess them and display them as well as their Savitzky-Golay  
derivatives graphically.

I have found hyperspec, which seems to allow importing spc files.

However, I am a newbie to R, and currently struggle a bit: hyperspec seems  
to be quite powerful, but I am missing a detailed documentation - so I  
would really appreciate if you could help me get going!

Here is, what I got so far:

#Task 1. Reading a multifile spc (common axis) into an hyperspec object


arSpektren <- read.spc(file.choose())
arSpektren <- do.call (collapse, arSpektren)
#I suppose collapsing helps to easier submit all spectra to functions  
without losing access to single spectra when needed?

#Task 2. Access for calculation: a) abscissa data b) n.th spectrum  
(ordinate values)
#Here I'm stuck!

Thanks in advance and best regards
Holger van Lishaut

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