[Chaid-commits] Improvements to Chaid

Anthony Lenton antoniolenton at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 02:57:19 CET 2010


I've created a project on Launchpad[1] and started pushing up a couple
of fixes and improvements to the library.  I'd like to merge these
into the R-Forge svn at some point, if you think it makes sense.  The
improvements pushed up there up to now are:
 - A tweak to make the algorithm always honor the minbucket control.
I've added a test (test_minbucket.R) to show the issue.
 - Performance enhancements.  regtest_SPSS runs in just about half the
time compared to R-Forge's current svn.

Let me know what you think,

Anthony Lenton

[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~elachuni/chaid/trunk

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