[Biomod-commits] Model projections failed

Antonio Canepa ajcanepa at gmail.com
Thu May 9 13:14:06 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I'm stack with a projection error.

I have run the models for my data (data.frame format) and as a test I have
projected the results using (BIOMOD_Projection, from myBiomodModelOut) to
the same environmental variables and xy coordenate. It actaully works but
is silly, and I did it before to select the new environmental variables and
XY corrdenates.
Now I have the new data.frame (larger scale of the same area and
environmental variables) from which I have defined the new.env()
and xy.new.env() . Actually I can see the level.plot() of my variables
plotted in space.
When I run the next projection an GLM error mesaage appears.. I have
selected different models and in al off them the same error message
Please, do you know what can be happening?

The projection code and error message are:

myBiomodProj.sp <- BIOMOD_Projection(
  modeling.output = myBiomodModelOut,
  new.env = myExpl.sp, # the same variables (and colnames) than those used
for models
  xy.new.env = myRespXY.sp, # the same variables (and colnames) than those
used for models
  proj.name = 'current',
  selected.models = "all",
  binary.meth = 'TSS',
  compress = 'xz',
  clamping.mask = F,
  output.format = '.RData') # R.Data because all are data.frame format

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Do Models Projections

> Building clamping mask

> Projecting Rhizostoma.pulmo_AllData_RUN1_GLM ...
Error en UseMethod("predict") :
  no applicable method for 'predict' applied to an object of class
"c('GLM_biomod2_model', 'biomod2_model')"



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